Wednesday, April 23, 2014

here are the new things in the shop this morning!
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

well hi-
everything in the CARRY section of the shop SHIPS FOR FREE today only...  
the discount is for both domestic and international orders, yay!
(and no coupon code needed) 
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Monday, April 21, 2014


Why Some Girls Love Horses

And then I thought, Can I have more
of this, would it be possible
for every day to be a greater awakening: more light,
more light, your face on the pillow
with the sleep creases rudely
fragmenting it, hair so stiff
from paint and sheet rock it feels
like the dirty short hank
of mane I used to grab on Dandy’s neck
before he hauled me up and forward,
white flanks flecked green
with shit and the satin of his dander,
the livingness, the warmth
of all that blood just under the skin
and in the long, thick muscle of the neck—
He was smarter than most of the children
I went to school with. He knew
how to stand with just the crescent
of his hoof along a boot toe and press,
incrementally, his whole weight down. The pain
so surprising when it came,
its iron intention sheathed in stealth, the decisive
sudden twisting of his leg until the hoof
pinned one’s foot completely to the ground,
we’d have to beat and beat him with a brush
to push him off, that hot
insistence with its large horse eye trained
deliberately on us, to watch—

Like us, he knew how to announce through violence
how he didn’t hunger, didn’t want
despite our practiced ministrations: too young
not to try to empathize
with this cunning: this thing
that was and was not human we must respect
for itself and not our imagination of it: I loved him because
I could not love him anymore
in the ways I’d taught myself,
watching the slim bodies of teenagers
guide their geldings in figure eights around the ring
as if they were one body, one fluid motion
of electric understanding I would never feel
working its way through fingers to the bit: this thing
had a name, a need, a personality; it possessed
an indifference that gave me
logic and a measure: I too might stop wanting
the hand placed on back or shoulder
and never feel the desired response.
I loved the horse for the pain it could imagine

and inflict on me, the sudden jerking
of head away from halter, the tentative nose
inspecting first before it might decide
to relent and eat. I loved
what was not slave or instinct, that when you turn to me
it is a choice, it is always a choice to imagine pleasure
might be blended, one warmth
bleeding into another as the future
bleeds into the past, more light, more light,
your hand against my shoulder, the image
of the one who taught me disobedience
is the first right of being alive.

Friday, April 18, 2014


big batch of new cushions are in the shop today!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

apple blueberry elderberry grape

i spent much of yesterday outdoors dyeing these shirts.  and afterward i added hand sewn tags to each,  which you can see over at the shop.  it was windy and sunny and 70 degrees.  it was a good morning.  

i moved into this 1800s farmhouse back in july last year and i'm still discovering the place.  if you've been reading my blog you know i love the field out back.  but yesterday i found some great photo shoot spots around the property.  this old mint green barn door is one of them.  

i think we are going to grow a new vegetable garden here this year and we started pruning the old apple trees in the field.  we attended a blueberry pruning workshop recently so we have pruning on our minds.  there are also a handful of blueberry bushes behind the house as well as grapevines and elderberry and a nice stand of poison ivy!

today we woke up to snow!  but this didn't feel too insulting to me because i had the day before to reinforce the fact that spring really does come.  long winters never last forever.

(ps- if you're interested in more than one dyed top please email me at  if you purchase two or more they're $40 a piece, both the grey/black and indigo shirts.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

these are in the shop this morning!

*also, if you're at the shop and wondering if the ship cost (particularly for multiple items) is accurate, just send me an email ( or etsy message with your usa zip or country and i'll give you the proper ship fee.

Monday, April 14, 2014

indigo calico

hi friends! 
a slew of new indigo home goods in the shop.  
and there should be some indigo cotton shirts to be had tomorrow.